1st Quarterly Men's Prayer Breakfast


On Saturday January 14th, our men's group met for breakfast at Firstwatch in conjuction with celebrating Pastor Dumaresq's birthday. Happy Birthday Bro Dumaresq!

The God of Yesterdays and Somedays


Many people live their lives controlled by the traumas of their past--their "yesterdays"--or their wishes for their future--their "somedays." However, it's impossible to truly live your life if you are fixated on a past you cannot change or a future you cannot control. It robs you of the ability to focus on the present, which is the only thing a person can truly effect.

In Isaiah 52, the Lord reminds the people of Israel that He is the God who goes "before" them and comes "after" them. What a beautiful image of divine protection--God is present in what lies behind us (the past) and what lies ahead of us (the future). And when we realize that God holds both our past and our future in His unchanging hands, we experience true freedom.

As we enter this new year, many of us look back to the past with shame and guilt over our mistakes and failures and to the future with apprehension and anxiety. But, through the Cross of Christ, we are freed from all that--God has provided forgiveness for all our "yesterdays" and hope for all our "somedays"! And what freedom that provides to live today for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

What's So Great About the Church? - Bible Study Series


Many churches are experiencing rapid and drastic declines in church attendance and participation; for some, the problem has reached crisis levels. What is most intriguing is that this mass exodus from the Church is not necessarily tied to a loss of personal faith in Jesus Christ. It’s just that many people who love Jesus Christ can’t stand His Church! When asked about their Church participation, many will respond with a shrug: “What’s so great about the Church?”

Actually, that’s a good question! What is so “great” about the Church? Do I need to be an active part of a local congregation in order to be saved? Does being a “in” the Church only mean that I attend a house of worship on Sundays?

The lesson series “What’s So Great about the Church?” addresses these and other issues from the Gospel of Matthew (the only of the four Gospels, incidentally, to use the term “church” in 16:18) and discovers three things that make the Church “great”: a Great Revelation (Matthew 16), a Great Commandment (Matthew 22) and a Great Commission (Matthew 28)!

Funeral Arrangements for Jim Presson Sr

Collier's Funeral Home
3400 North Lindbergh Blvd.
Saint Ann
Missouri 63074
Phone 314-298-7705
Collier's Funeral Home

Brother Presson's father will be laid out for viewing in Collier's parlors
Thursday evening 4:00-8:00 PM.
Service will be Friday 10:00 AM New Life Center.