Do You Think God is Trying to Get Your Attention?

Some years ago the following article entitled "Struck Down To Be Saved" appeared in theĀ Gospel Herald:

A telephone linesman gives his friend "Slim" credit for saving his life thus. "Sometimes new poles are green, and water soaked, and will conduct electricity," he explained. "A short time ago my gang was sent to replace a pole that had been badly burned. The new pole... was /wet and green, the street was wet, and overhead was a high line carrying 33,000 volts. We were hoisting the new pole.... I had thoughtlessly seized the butt end of the new pole as it swung clear of the ground and was guiding it into place when suddenly one of the boys made a run for me and knocked me sprawling. I arose from the sloppy street, wet, muddy, and ready for fight.

... He pointed aloft to where I saw the new pole had hit the lower high-line wire. I also saw instantly that had he not taken such a quick action in knocking me clear of the pole, I would have been a 'goner.'" Does God not often strike down sinners, as He did Paul on the road to Damascus, that He might get them to listen to His voice and so might become saved from the wrath to come?

If you feel life is knocking you down ask this question instead of complaining "Is God trying to get my attention?"