Happy Mother's Day

Greetings and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ! We at The Pentecostal Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ are so happy that you have chosen to check into our web site.

Even though Mother’s Day isn't necessarily a Christian holiday, we seek to honor all mothers today:  young mothers, old mothers, mothers who have passed away, mothers who have lost children, mothers who bore us and gave us life, and those women who may not have raised their own children but have indeed nurtured us and served as spiritual mothers in their roles as friend, sister, or aunt.

It is in Exodus 20:21 where we first receive this command: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Yes, we grow up, become independent adults, and become unbound to the rules of our parents’ homes, yet we are still instructed to honor our mothers, to treat them with respect, to hold them in high esteem.

On this day, as we remember the freedom and life we have in Christ, also remember the woman whom God selected to be your mother, the woman who carried you, cared for you, and helped you become who you are today. Let us give thanks for the blessings of mothers.

Have a Blessed Day!

Sister Dumaresq